Client for GTS Android App

OpenGTS compatible web service

1. Download the package

The web service, only required if you are using OpenGTS, has been packaged up as a WAR file which can be deployed to your servers with minimal configuration. If you are using GTS Enterprise, please use the web service that is already provided with your implementation.
Download for OpenGTS
Updated: 7th July, 2018

2. Deploying the package

The easiest way to run this application is simply to move the war file to your CATALINA_HOME/webapps directory. Tomcat™ will automatically expand and deploy the application for you (assuming that you are using Tomcat). If you are not using Tomcat, please refer to the server documentation on how to deploy WAR packages.

3. Configuration

Once the application has been deployed, you must configure the web service before you can start using it. Several files are not included in the package because they are specific to your installation of OpenGTS.

3.1 Web Service

3.2 Android App

Download the Client for GTS android application if you haven't already done so. Start the application, go to the setting screen and configure the web URL to point to the web service that you deployed. The location of the service ends with /WebS by default as specified in the web.xml file. e.g.
We strongly recommend that you use HTTPS when accessing the web service for additional security.

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