Client for GTS Android App

Application Features

  • See the most recent GPS position of the device on Google Maps
  • Send messages from your android phone or tablet to devices by SMS
  • Manage multiple accounts and devices when you log in as the system administrator
  • See the last known speed, location, status code of a device (if available)
  • View the most recent events of a device

Application Settings

  • Setup the Client for GTS application to use the web service deployed on your server. The URL depends on which web service you are using. The GTS Enterprise web service is usually deployed at /track/Service and this OpenGTS compatible web service is deployed, by default, to /skyangel/WebS
  • You may choose to trust all server certificates, however, this is not recommended because it may compromise security. If you choose to use this option, you are doing so at your own risk,

Accounts Management

  • If you are logged in as the system administrator, this screen will display a list of all the accounts that are configured on your system
  • If you are logged in as an account manager, you will be shown some account information

Device Management

  • This screen displays a list of all the devices that are configured for the account selected
  • When using the custom OpenGTS compatible web service, you will only see the devices that are currently active
  • Additional status information about the tracked device will be shown if available

Device Options

  • When you click on a device from the previous list, you are presented with this dialog screen providing with various options.
  • The Copy options allow you to select the name or number of the device to paste into another application
  • The Send Message option allows you to send a pre-configured message to the device using SMS
  • The Show Map option will open up the Google Maps application and display a pushpin at the device's last known location.

Recent Events

  • When you click the Get Recent Events option from the previous screen, you will see this list of events
  • Various pieces of information are displayed about the event
    • The timestamp of the event
    • The heading direction of the vehicle
    • The address of the location (if known)
    • The speed of the vehicle

Location Map

  • If you selected the Map View option from the previous screen, you will see this screen which displays a pushpin for each device event overlaid on a map
  • Clicking on the pushpin will display a subset of the event information like speed and direction

Client for GTS Android App

The Client for GTS android app enables you to view the status, location and events of devices that are being tracked by your GTS Enterprise™ or OpenGTS™ solution. Get Client for GTS On Google Play

Using OpenGTS

OpenGTS (Open Source GPS Tracking System) is a full featured Web-based GPS tracking system for fleets of vehicles.
To use the Client for GTS app with OpenGTS, you will need to install a custom web service.

Using GTS Enterprise

GTS Enterprise is the commercial GPS tracking/telematic system built upon the capabilities of OpenGTS. Learn more.
The Client for GTS android app is compatible with the GTS Enterprise web service.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc. OpenGTS and GTS Enterprise are trademarks of GeoTelematic Solutions, Inc. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.